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SEOpen: The SEO Firefox Extension

SEOpen is an extension I made for Firefox to help with search engine optimization. It provides many helpful tools at the click of a mouse.

SEOpen DemoSEOpen Installation Page

SEOpen features are accessed through right-clicking an open area on a web page or by using the included toolbar; they include:

CrapWare Free! Planned for future versions: Changelog.

This extension doesn't record anything and it doesn't notify anybody of anything; shenanigan free.

For feature requests or bug reports, please email me at SEOpen (the extension discussed on this page) is open source software released under the GPL. I maintain copyrights on all code written by me, but anyone is free to use it in compliance with the GPL. Some versions of SEOpen contain code that was borrowed from other projects, such code is (mostly) commented in the source and may be subject to other copyrights or licenses. If you release work based on this extension, a link back to this page would be greatly appreciated. © 2005 Damian Smith. Wherever possible, this site's content is released under this Creative Commons License.